Graduate Criminology Careers and Jobs

Holders of a master's degree in Criminology are positioned to ascend to the upper levels of fields related to criminal justice and law enforcement, or to move into roles requiring an advanced degree and in-depth knowledge and understanding of criminal behavior.

With an MS in Criminology earned online or on campus from Regis University, you may end up analyzing intelligence for a federal agency, developing terrorist profiles for the government, or researching crime and helping to develop policy for justice agencies. Or you could work with at-risk youths or victims of violence at shelters and group homes.

In the private sector, corporations need security consultants, fraud investigators, and legal researchers thanks to the increasing awareness of white-collar crime and Internet security.

Some specific job titles available to graduates with an MS in Criminology include:

  • Forensic Investigator
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Gaming Investigator
  • Loss Prevention Specialist
  • Victim Services Specialist
  • Federal Agent
  • Sheriff

Learn more about career paths that may be open to you with a Master of Science in Criminology: call us at 877-820-0581 to speak to an Admissions Advisor, or request more information and we will contact you.

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Don Lindley

Faculty, School of Humanities & Social Sciences

"It thrills me when a student tells me they are going to become a Criminal Investigator after they have taken my Criminal Profiling course. Our small class sizes allow me to work individually with all my students, building a relationship of intellectual exchange and trust."