Master's in Criminology: Faculty

Faculty members at Regis University are working professionals who blend theory with real-world examples and situations. With relevant coursework, individual attention, and inspiring curricula designed to reflect a constantly changing world, they seek to inspire students to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Criminology Faculty Members (Full-Time)

Jack McGrath, PhD Dr. McGrath is an Assistant Professor and the Program Chair of Criminology at Regis. His professional background includes work as a special agent with the FBI, where he investigated bank robberies, public corruption, and white collar crime, as well as a year in Iraq in 2008 as a law enforcement contractor investigating suicide attacks. He holds a BS in Accounting from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a MCJ in Executive Leadership and a PhD in Public Affairs, both from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Don E. Lindley Professor Lindley is an Assistant Professor of Criminology at Regis. His experience includes over 30 years as a police officer and a college-level instructor and service as a naval officer in Vietnam. He holds an MA in Sociology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and an MPA in Criminology from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Kurt Pillard, MBA Commander Pillard is currently in charge of the Investigations Division of the Colorado Springs Police Department. During his 34 years of law enforcement experience he dealt extensively with bringing violent incidents to closure. In 2003 he received national recognition as the "Outstanding Drug Task Force Commander" by the Executive Office of the President (Office of National Drug Control Policy). Commander Pillard has participated on the workplace violence review team for the City of Colorado Springs and has served has a board member on the Community Corrections Board. A graduate of the FBI National Academy, he holds an MBA from Regis University.

James D. Ponzi Professor Ponzi's work experience includes 35 years with the Denver Police Department. His areas of expertise include police psychology, family violence, and violence prevention. He holds bachelor's degrees in Psychology and English from the University of Colorado and a Master of Special Studies in Applied Communication from the University of Denver.

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Don Lindley

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"It thrills me when a student tells me they are going to become a Criminal Investigator after they have taken my Criminal Profiling course. Our small class sizes allow me to work individually with all my students, building a relationship of intellectual exchange and trust."