The Human Side of Criminal Justice:
Look Inside the Criminal Mind

The Bachelor of Science in Criminology degree program at Regis is a critical analysis of social, political, and environmental factors that drive crime. Unlike a criminal justice degree, which focuses mainly on policing and law enforcement, an online or on-campus criminology degree offers vital knowledge on criminal behavior and its impact on society.

Designed for adults with some undergraduate credit and related work experience who want to earn a bachelor's degree, our BS in Criminology pulls knowledge from many disciplines. The skills you will build in the program are useful not only in law enforcement and criminal justice, but also in social services, private and industrial security, loss prevention, counseling, and many other fields.

Coursework in our Criminology bachelors program moves from general behaviors and causes of crime to specific issues such as juvenile crime, violence in the workplace, and terrorism.

A Degree Program for the Working Adult

The BS in Criminology is designed to help you follow your passion without interrupting your career and with minimal disruption to your personal schedule. You can choose an all-online curriculum or the option to take classes at a variety of Regis University's convenient campus locations. Either way, you'll receive the same respected degree and work with the same distinguished staff of professors. We also offer dedicated advisors who can help guide you on your journey and leading-edge coursework that reflects up-to-date developments.

Learn more about how Regis University's bachelor's degree in Criminology can transform your career: call us at 877-820-0581 or request more information today.

Falculty Photo

Don Lindley

Faculty, School of Humanities & Social Sciences

"It thrills me when a student tells me they are going to become a Criminal Investigator after they have taken my Criminal Profiling course. Our small class sizes allow me to work individually with all my students, building a relationship of intellectual exchange and trust."