Regis University Undergraduate Criminology Certificate Program

Build a Successful Career on the Foundations of Criminology

An online or on-campus Undergraduate Certificate in Criminology from Regis University is a fast and cost-effective way to enhance your career through a deeper understanding of criminal behavior and the criminal mind.

Criminology goes beyond the traditional study of Criminal Justice to analyze the social, political, and environmental factors that encourage crime. The Undergraduate Certificate in Criminology can be earned online or on-campus in less than a year and at a fraction of the cost of a full degree. Once studies are complete, graduates can apply lessons and theories in a variety of career fields, including law enforcement, criminal investigation, corrections, private security, and social work.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Criminology is ideal for students who already hold a bachelor's degree in criminal justice or related fields or for students who don't require a full degree. Because Certificate classes are chosen from the Bachelor of Criminology curriculum at Regis University, students receive the same academic experience and have access to the same educational resources as those in the full degree program. With a variety of available elective courses, and the convenient option of online or on-campus learning, the Undergraduate Certificate of Criminology from Regis University can be customized to fit any schedule and match any area of interest or career goal.

To learn more about how an Undergraduate Certificate in Criminology from Regis University can jump-start your career, call us at 877-820-0581 or request more information.

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Don Lindley

Faculty, School of Humanities & Social Sciences

"It thrills me when a student tells me they are going to become a Criminal Investigator after they have taken my Criminal Profiling course. Our small class sizes allow me to work individually with all my students, building a relationship of intellectual exchange and trust."